Through the ‘Olive Journey’ we share with Foodlovers in Greece and around the World our passion for the Olive, one of the most important Greek products that has been historically connected with the culture and civilization of Greek society.
In 'The Journey of the Olive' we share with the world a unique gastronomic experience that is based on the following main pillars:

the land,
the producer,
the society and
the olive tree itself.

Through this different ‘Olive Journey’ we present the olive in recipes inspired not only by the Gastronomy of Greece but also by culinary views of other countries and continents.
Let us all enjoy together a different journey through Gastronomy, the journey of culture and taste, our own ‘Olive Journey’.

Astakos Taste
Kalamata Olives, ‘our childhood-memories’

A recipe from Astakos, the place where we grew up where the preparation of olive has a single purpose: to keep all its natural characteristics and to highlight its special taste profile.

Kalamata Taste
Kalamata Olives prepared in the authentic Greek way

A culinary heritage given to the World by Kalamata. We keep our olives in perfumed vinegar for long time, the result is a firm texture and delicate but long natural aftertaste.

Thessaloniki Taste
Kalamata Olives, perfumed with Anatolian & Mediterranean aromas.

A recipe that brings together two gastronomic schools. The Minor Asia one defined by the aromas of crushed chillies and cumin and the Mediterranean culinary school defined by oregano and garlic.

Santorini Taste
The unique scents of Santorini

A fragile volcanic land that produces excellent quality oregano and capers, this has been the inspiration behind this mouthwatering recipe.

Crete Taste
The scents of the Cretan Land

A recipe inspired by the primitive aromas of the Cretan land, all integrated together in a very unique way.

Athens Taste
Nostalgia - Lemon scents

The prevalence of the scents coming from lemon trees in Plaka, in the centre of Athens, have defined in a nostalgic way an époque that will never return.

Lefkada Taste
Inspired by the Olive Groves and cosmopolitan life

A recipe that marks the spring scents of Lefkada, an island full of happiness and Mediterranean aromas.

Corfu Taste

Rhodes Taste

Mesologgi Taste